Sean Heneghan BSc Hons, LicAc, MBAcC, HPD, DipCHyp, MBACP

Counsellor, Acupuncturist
& Cognitive Hypnotherapist

With extensive training and a range of
therapeutic experience, I can help
people with a range of physical and
emotional problems.

Counselling Posts

Counselling for stress in Berkhamsted

Posted on 14th Mar 2018

We often say we're feeling stressed without knowing much of the specifics of what we feel. Counselling can help explore these feelings in a way that helps drastically reduce stress levels. If you're looking for Counselling in berkhamsted click here to learn more about Berkhamsted counsellor, Sean Heneghan.

Counselling in Berkhamsted: How Depression manifests in the language we use and how counselling can help

Posted on 7th Feb 2018

Recent research shows how the language we use and our emotional state are connected. Click here to read more, if you're looking for counselling in Berkhamsted or are seeking counselling for depression please feel free to get in touch.

Counselling for addiction in Berkhamsted

Posted on 19th Jan 2018

If you're looking for counselling or hypnotherapy in berkhamsted to help with drug or alcohol addiction click here to reach the website of Berkhamsted therapist Sean Heneghan. Sean provides counselling, acupuncture and hypnotherapy in berkhamsted and can help with a variety of emotional and physical problems.

Counselling for confidence and low self esteem in Berkhamsted

Posted on 9th Jan 2018

Are you looking for counselling for confidence or low self esteem in Berkhamsted? Sean is a counsellor and cognitive hypnotherapist based on Berkhamsted high street. Click here to learn more about cognitive hypnotherapy and counselling might help you.

One journalists story of sadness, depression and the counselling that helped him

Posted on 2nd Jan 2018

Berkhamsted counsellor Sean Heneghan links to a great article by a journalist about his own experience of sadness, depression and the counselling that helped him.

Counselling for anger management in Berkhamsted

Posted on 10th Dec 2017

Counselling can be a profoundly helpful process for learning to understand and better manage your experience of anger. Click here to read more about counselling for anger management.

Counselling for postnatal depression in Berkhamsted

Posted on 29th Nov 2017

Postnatal depression can be an isolating and lonely experience. Counselling can help support you with whatever it is that you're experiencing to smooth the transition through what can be one of the most demanding times in life.

Counselling for Depression in Berkhamsted: What is Depression and how can counselling for depression help?

Posted on 29th Nov 2017

If you're looking for counselling in berkhamsted or are curious about counselling for depression, you can learn more about the process of counselling here.

The dangers of perfectionism: Counselling for help with not feeling good enough

Posted on 13th Nov 2017

Perfectionism is often celebrated in our culture but often there is much pain and anxiety underneath this common characteristic. Recent research detailed in The Independent now links perfectionism with increased incidences of suicide. The drive to be perfect can bring with it terrible costs to mental and emotional health. Sean is a counsellor and offers counselling in berkhamsted, hertfordshire.

Counselling for anxiety and panic attacks in Berkhamsted

Posted on 9th Nov 2017

At my counselling and hypnotherapy practice in Berkhamsted I frequently see people who are suffering with anxiety and panic attacks, but what is the difference between the two? If you need help with anxiety or panic attacks please feel free to get in touch via the contact form.

Counselling for PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) in Berkhamsted

Posted on 8th Nov 2017

What is PTSD? Berkhamsted counsellor and hypnotherapist Sean Heneghan describes post traumatic stress disorder and how counselling can help. If you're suffering with trauma and you're looking for help please feel free to get in touch.

Preventing suicide: recent news from the blog of Berkhamsted counsellor Sean Heneghan

Posted on 3rd Nov 2017

Recent news from Berkhamsted therapist Sean Heneghan. Sean has a counselling, acupuncture and hypnotherapy clinic at Berkhamsted Chiropractic Clinic, 69 High St.

Are you looking for therapy or counselling in Berkhamsted?

Posted on 27th Oct 2017

If you're looking for counselling or therapy in berkhamsted click here for more details on Sean Heneghan, a Berkhamsted based counsellor, acupuncturist and cognitive hypnotherapist.

Therapy in Berkhamsted: Why counselling isn't just a chat..and why that’s a good thing

Posted on 22nd Oct 2017

News and updates from the blog of Sean Heneghan, counsellor and therapist in Berkhamsted. Often people think counselling is merely a chat, as this blog article describes the two things are very different..and that's just what makes counselling useful

Counselling in Berkhamsted: How talking about our feelings helps regulate the brain

Posted on 17th Oct 2017

An article from the blog of Berkhamsted Counsellor Sean Heneghan on how counselling helps anxiety, depression and other emotional problems. If you're looking for Counselling in Berkhamsted Sean is based at Berkhamsted Chiropractic Clinic, 69 High St, Berkhamsted, HP4 2DE.

Research update: acupuncture and counselling for depression and pain

Posted on 17th Jul 2017

In recent research from The University of York, the influence of both acupuncture and counselling were studied to ascertain the difference they made to patients suffering with pain and depression when added to standard medical care. In the first trial 29 high quality clinical trials were used and around 18,000 patients were assessed. The patients were suffering from various types of pain from neck and lower back bain to head and knee pain

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