Sean Heneghan BSc Hons, LicAc, MBAcC, HPD, DipCHyp, MBACP

Counsellor, Acupuncturist
& Cognitive Hypnotherapist

With extensive training and a range of
therapeutic experience, I can help
people with a range of physical and
emotional problems.

What is acupuncture like? Patient experiences & acupuncture awareness week

All sorts of people have acupuncture for a great many problems, and yet there are many misgivings about what acupuncture involves.  In a recent survey The British Acupuncture Council discovered that 21 per cent of the British public thinks an acupuncturist’s needle is as large as the needle used for an injection – something which is fortunately not the case.  Acupuncture needles are almost hair thin and bear little resemblance to the needles used for injections. And yet despite the common misconceptions about what acupuncture involves, each year members of The British Acupuncture Council carry out 2.3 million treatments of a medical modality that is now endorsed by The National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence for the treatment of non-specific chronic lower back pain, tension headache and migraine. At my acupuncture clinics in Milton Keynes and Berkhamsted I see many patients for those complaints and many others.

While acupuncture may seem like an alternative, it is perhaps more than ever moving into the mainstream, as well as the 3000 or so traditional acupuncturists that are members of The British Acupuncture Council there are also 2700 doctors and allied health professionals that make up The British Medical Acupuncture Society who utilise a more minimal, reduced form of acupuncture according to western medical principles.  All in all, that’s a lot of acupuncturists working in different ways to help a lot of patients, but if you’ve never had acupuncture before, what should you expect?

One of the best ways of discovering what acupuncture is about is to hear from patients that have it. You can hear from some of my patients on my treatment testimonials page, and in addition you can hear from some of the patients who’ve been interviewed as part of acupuncture awareness week - a new initiative started by The British Acupuncture Council to raise awareness of acupuncture for the British public.

I see patients at my acupuncture clinics in Berkhamsted and Milton Keynes. If you’re seeking acupuncture in Berkhamsted, appointments can be booked on 07717 515 013, for acupuncture in Milton Keynes please ring  01908 307 075.

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